Lina Jurga

Who needs a sexual healing?

When it comes to a sexual healing, most of us want to think it’s not me, this has nothing to do with me. I’m fine, more than fine. The truth is – we all need some sexual healing. Consciously or unconsciously we carry guilt, shame, resentment around our sexuality from our parents, grandparents and so on. It’s been a journey of many lives. Sex is so important yet very strong part of us and can be used everywhere and for many different purposes now. Everyone has their own opinion about it and that’s what makes it so challenging to really understand our own true sexuality. We are confused and disconnected. Sometimes it paralyzes us, sometimes we get to indulge in it that it becomes a form of addiction not a feeling anymore. Guilt and shame is like a poison to sexuality. It creates deep wounds from the very childhood for most of us. And every single time something triggers those wounds, it hurts deeper and deeper. So, we start to protect ourselves by building the walls around our bodies and our psyche, as if we are ready for a battle. And it is a battle between protection and growth. Both cannot win. We either stay safe within our cells or we break through the walls and keep growing. When it comes to sex and intimacy, we all want (some more open, some more secretive) to drop all the armor, bare ourselves fully and surrender into each other’s presence, sacred union, vulnerable sexual connection, intense sensuality… all of it. It’s not that easy to do when the other part of our brain keeps fighting against it that sex is just minor, bad, meaningless, etc. That we need to protect ourselves from being hurt. Anxiety, stress follow and it continues to affect other areas of our lives. Finally libidos go down – not feeling or wanting anymore, maybe even hating to think about it. We start blaming each other, circumstances, situations… let’s rewind to the beginning of this – sexual healing. Who needs it? We all do. Sex is our barometer. When sex thrives, it uplifts us, it establishes the foundation of our relationships, it deepens our love, which is the biggest healer out of all.

With love,

June, 2019