Lina Jurga

Where real love comes from

We all had (most still have) a dream, that one magical day you are going to meet your queen or king, your soulmate, twin flame, that perfect one. He or she will give you the world, the love you need, to fulfill your dreams and desires… Just like we see in movies, read in books, hear songs about it. But the authors, poets, artists are just like us, dreaming and creating a fantasy out of it, an everlasting story that takes us back to where we started, our mother’s womb. We are all looking for a mother, where we felt safe and nurtured. We belonged to her. The feeling of belonging is deep, it is etched in our psyche and followed by the shadow of fear of separation. That shadow is what we have given power to. We believe that we are separated, we believe what we see, instead of trusting what is true to our hearts.

Nothing we seek is outside of us. Nobody can serve us happiness, nor they are obligated to. Nobody can completely meet our needs or solve our problems if we keep depending on another. Real love comes from within our own richness, our mature heart, when we learn how to cultivate the quality of awareness of our own magnificence, when we learn to love our Selves beyond all created things, when we learn to nurture and love our Selves. Then, our well is full.

There is this unexplainable light feeling, when our words and actions, our very presence uplift another, when we walk into the room, others feel our love just like a breath of fresh air. We become natural magnets of love. We no longer need to fall in love out of fear of being alone, because we are Love. Love is that creative power within us, giving us a chance to chose, to feel, to be, to know. The same Love that moves the sun, the moon, the stars is moving us, filling us. There is no lack of love inside ourselves. Once we realize this, we experience freedom.

So what do you want? To create, to be at peace or to drug yourself with fear, stress, control?

The door to Love’s home is always open. She is there, waiting for you with her open arms. Will you come in? Will you use the power of your choice? Because the rest of your life’s experience will reveal to you what choice have you made now. Do not try to love yourself or another. Learn to love your Self and love will flow out of you. She knows perfectly where is She going.

With love,

October 2019