I am constantly working to improve my services. If you have any questions or
concerns about your experience, please let me know. My support is available
24/7 by email.

A. S. (Male)

”I would like to take a moment to praise as well as give a testimonial to the amazing healing skills that Linapossesses.I have been around tantrafor
a decade and rarely does onefind a better healer than Lina. Her intuitive nature is incredible as well as her ability to connect with her clients, by
setting their mind and body at ease that they are with someone that truly cares and has their best interest at heart. She does so, not only on the
physical plane but mot importantly on the spiritual level. This is so essential in today’s world as so many individuals are wounded by their past
relationships and need a guide to help them heal to truly live a life of fulfillment and bliss. Lina is such a person… a guide, a healer,possessing the
true tantric essence of the dakini she is. Therefore, I highly recommend Lina to anyone, actually everyone who is on the journey of life and desirous
of living a life of happiness and bliss.”

(A Couple)

“ It was beautiful to experience and I really felt my heart open and my energy disperse through my body. Our night as filled with joy and self-reflection. The experience left me creatively moved.” (a couple)

S (Female)

“ After a session, my husband and I had such a magical day/night last night. And we have to thank Lina for that! We are talking about things we’ve never discussed before which is great. Thank you again for such a wonderful experience.”

V (Male)

“ My experience with Lina was the most intimate I have ever felt with another soul. I have a confidence I had lacked.”

A (Male)

“ I really needed this. My emotional tank was empty. Lina’s healing energy and kindness brought me back to where I can thrive once again. Our deep connection during a session released all the negativity I was holding on to. Thank you, again.”

P (Male)

“ Lina clearly has a gift and desire to help in a very personal loving way. She brings such a calm, nurturing aura simply even over the phone.”

S (Male)

“ The experience has been amazing every time. We’ve been able to delve into and explore the depths of receiving touch and energy. The heightened experience have been full of laughterand release of negative emotions.”

J (Female)

“ Tears of gratitude. Feeling very empowered, sexy and connected with my own sensuality. What a beautiful purpose, to give back this self love and pleasure

B & P (Couple)

“ Showing other women what the divine feminine feels like from an energetic perspective is amazing work in and of itself.”

J (Female)

“ I feel like my negative thoughts and feelings that I have towards the past that continually try to push their way into my mind, have been easier to accept and let flow through due to our session.”

(A Couple)

“Lina is very gifted in the arts of Tantra. Tantra can first seem a bit intimidating, but when you first meet Lina, she has this natural ability of listening to you when you are not speaking. She is very trusting and sincere to your level of comfort. Lina is able to intuitively sense the areas that need attention and/or healing. After experiencing her spiritually guided massage, you will leave feeling renewed and refreshed both, mentally, physically and emotionally. Lina’s spiritual gifts are simply amazing. I highly recommend her to any couple who wants to see their relationship soar!”


“I spent one week with Lina to address various emotional traumas and physical repressions which accumulated over several years of life. Lina has a natural ability to flow with your needs in sessions, whether it be catharsis through simple conversation or a more intimate expression of love and devotion to your body. With her help, I was aided in rising from a psychological trench in which I was sitting for several months, but without clear eyes and courage to climb out. Great mystic of the past have emphasized the essence of Tantra: that you are the central divine being worth acknowledging. She helped me start to rise out of this trench through the understanding that self-love is the highest responsibility to ourselves. I greatly recommend seeing Lina to help resolve long-seated issues in your life and to heal the body through devotional touch.”

(T., male)

“I never thought it would ever materialize in my life the feelings of deeper Love. Not just to begin to give it out, but at the same time being able to receive Love from someone. I have not experienced before the trembling sensation of electricity running throughout by body as a whole body orgasm. I am so grateful for what Lina showed me and made me feel so safe. Not only that. Now I can take it with me to go out in the world.”