Private Dakini Sessions (Her)

I strongly believe, that feminine empowerment starts with woman’s Vagina, Yoni (in Sanskrit means sacred temple). Yet so many women are completely disconnected from their Yonis. And that is not your fault. We have been conditioned for so many years and carry lots of shame, guilt and silence around it. And that is why we are unwilling or afraid to even go there.

Science is confirming, that vagina is essentially connected with our brain. In fact, both are one whole system, which has it’s own deep wisdom. By rediscovering, healing and awakening the mystic of the feminine sexuality, we can open the doors to our own divine soul.

Women are fed up being put into a victim role and feeling ashamed around their sexuality. 1 out of 3 females has experienced some sort of abuse in their life. It is time to let your voice be heard and yes, it is ok to scream out loud: “I am erotic, sexual, orgasmic and free!” Because you are that and more.

With the help of my sensual but powerful tantric sessions (intimacy coaching for women), we can eliminate those old beliefs and heal by bringing awareness to your Yoni. My sessions are designed uniquely to you, often guided by my own intuition, as well as respecting your own specific issues, needs and desires. I meet you where you are.

I offer TimeLine and Emotional release techniques, Creative Expression through movement and dance, Orgasmic Energy Expansion, The Chakra Mapping, Sacred Rituals and Yoni Egg practices to enhance pleasure and elevate you to a deeper ecstatic states, so you can truly experience the Bliss of Enlightenment.

I focus on a physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual levels.

On a physical level, you will feel your Yoni become more stronger, juicier, more flexible and alive. On an emotional level, you will strengthen connection with your Yoni and start loving her without any judgment. You will experience tremendous healing from the past traumas which will help you to balance emotions and boost your sex drive.

On the energetic level, you will clear the blockages from the past unhealthy experiences around your sexuality. By massaging into numb and painful areas of a Yoni, can help release and let go of these stored old memories.

On a spiritual level, you will awaken cosmic sexual energy within yourself. As Tantra teaches us of a path of non-duality, which weaves together opposites – the lower (sex) and the higher chakras (spirit).

As a Goddess, you were born with the sexual fire within. You are more than a body. You are living energy. You can transform through many stages into your full potential!

Intimacy Coaching for Women for Physical & Sexual Healing

Profound and transformative intimacy coaching for women helps you attain emotional, physical, sexual, and spiritual healing. I have a natural ability to nurture your ability for love, intimacy, and sexual connection.

Begin your journey today!

Package of 10/ 90min sessions
Price inquire within
Also offering discounts to single mothers

A woman is like a delicate rose; if you treat her with care and respect, she will bloom.” — Rumi