Men Private Gentlemen Session (Him)

Many men resist being pleasured. They either take or give pleasure. Men need to learn how to accept, relax and let someone pleasure them. To be like a sponge and absorb as much as possible.

Men tend to hold in a lot of stress, which distinguishes them of energy. It is believed that they should always be and look tough and ready to go. This particularly creates tension not only within their physical level but mental and emotional as well.

Every man wants to be a better lover. For many, even the thought of being unable to provide a lasting and fulfilling sexual experience for his partner creates stress and anxiety.

Man usually “sees” his power in how good of a lover he is to a woman. But is this really true? Most women don’t have enough knowledge and confidence how to communicate with their men to bring them to higher orgasmic pleasures, so men wont really know how to, unless they experience a full body and energetic orgasm themselves.

The secret here is not how to be more powerful in sex but rather how to be a better lover. And by a better lover I mean to learn how to relax into arousal and flow into a greater state of a whole body orgasm without releasing. It is a true skill for men to learn, as many of them are being programmed to do the opposite. But once they learn, they will be able to ride the waves of cosmic pleasure through peaks and valleys for as long as they like and show up as a lover woman needs him to be. This tantric practice will allow them both to stay in prolonged ecstatic pleasure and merge into a sacred divine union.

During our Private Sessions you are going to be regaining the natural ecstatic state of your body, as well as activating our natural capacity to heal using our own energy, re-sensitizing the body, releasing insecurities, fears, guilt, prolong your love making by focusing on senses rather than having an orgasm as your goal, establish heart/sex connection, increase arousal, help to relax your mind, body by bringing you into the present moment and self-realization.

There are different reasons why more and more men wanting Tantric experience.

Men are thirsty for intimacy, sensual touch, adoration (yes, men want that too!) and acceptance. These are all aspects of softer, more receptive part of their feminine side, which all men have but afraid to open up and completely let go. By signing up for Sensual touch session, you will learn how to relax into your body through breath, feeling and using all of your senses to expand the potential of pleasure and joy without holding any expectations. The way you are being touched and revered may open the doors to body/mind/soul that almost never get opened in the current game/market/hook up/sex culture we are living in.

Other men issues may include Premature or Delayed Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction or Sex Addiction, which takes away from intimacy, causing shame, lack of confidence, embarrassment. By creating a super safe sharing space, re-sensitizing the body, unconditional presence, compassion, deep communication and other ancient Tantric techniques, can help you to begin the journey to cosmic heights of your sexuality.

Intimacy Coaching Help You Learn How to Maximize Your Pleasure

Turn your orgasm into a full-body experience with the intimacy coaching for men. It revitalizes your body with endless energy to attain the pleasure you want. My intimacy coaching sessions will let you know about the technique and practices that help you stay in prolonged ecstatic pleasure.

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Package of 10 /90 min sessions
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“Though you are rock or marble, you’ll become a jewel when you reach the man of heart.” — Rumi