Want to encourage even more depth into your relationship? Inject more passion, connection, intimacy? The fire, the freedom you feel when first fall in love? Couple’s sessions may help you to open to each other and break some walls for the loving space to enter. It is important for couples to keep nourishing the trust, exploring, opening up through rituals and practices that deepen their love, connection and intimacy.

We think that romance in a relationship should always be running on high, as long as you love each other. Not exactly. You need to put some effort into it. Even if you think you are good, you can be great or extraordinary! It takes the courage to enter this path, but once you do, you’ll discover hidden treasures here. You become fond of each other again and again, and again.

Sacred tantric relationship is about pure trust, radical honesty, unconditional presence and opening all the doors to each other. My sessions serve as a container for you to explore, rediscover your passions and get out of the habitual ruts which take away aliveness and consciousness from your relationship.

Here you will experience array of new and old tantric practices and exercises, like:

  • Orgasmic energy expansion
  • Setting and holding a sacred space
  • Setting intentions
  • Connection exercises
  • The Sensory awakening rituals
  • How to have difficult conversations
  • Emotional release techniques
  • Partnered breath work
  • Uninterrupted listening (sharing in non-judgmental way)
  • Goddess/God worshiping
  • The art of slow sex
  • Energy circulation in love making

Show up for yourselves! You will eventually crave it! There is always more and deeper. Love never ends.

2 hours minimum
Price inquire within

“Remember…the entrance to the sanctuary is inside you.” — Rumi