Lina Jurga

Lust versus Love

This is a very sensitive topic, especially when it comes to the work we do in a Tantric field. It is such a thin line for people to distinguish one from another.

As the dictionary explains the meaning of lust is a very strong sexual desire versus love is an intense feeling of deep affection. Yet again, those two should perfectly compliment each other. In some cases, yes, but most times lust overtakes love, like a tornado, heavy, unclear of its direction, swallowing everything what’s in front of it without any awareness of a possible damage.

How do I look into the eyes of another when I know they are taken by lust? What do I think when I see their body is pulsing with desire? See, here is a tricky part. What I think is them projecting their thoughts on me. They see beauty, power, love and they want it all but don’t know how to receive it only through lust, through ravishing, through taking it rather than opening their hearts and letting love to flow in.

By bringing awareness to their expectations of what they think to my own of what I want to expect from my teachings and healing, can change the perception between lust and love. My journey is about how to extend and receive love. It may require different ways of thinking, speaking, seeing and acting. It may upset someone. But it is ok. Upset is a breaking point, a pause, a re shift. As long as this person is aware of that, it is not a bad thing or ending of some sort. Now we can look at this situation from a different point of view by slowing down, taking deep life giving breaths, listening to the heart.

People overtaken by lust think that all they want is to give pleasure (which could be confused with taking pleasure to themselves). But sometimes it is not a true wholehearted giving they pursue. It is them pushing away the receiving part, running away from opening their own hearts. They run away from love just to be stunned by lust which leaves them feeling heavy, lost, empty or lonely.

Lust makes us seek outside of our own hearts, to beg, to ask someone else to fill an empty hole, to love us. Love gives wings to our own heart to open, to see and recognize the treasures we carry within ourselves. Love makes us want to share and by sharing we receive.

As a woman, my focus is to hold a meaning of Love, this nurturing space in which not only others, but myself too, have complete confidence to reach our fullest expression and overcome our lower nature to become the images of God/dess.

With love,

November, 2019