What Tantra is to Me

Once you experience Tantra, you have your own unique way to answer this question.

Here is just a small glimpse of my own.

Ask as many people as you wish and you will get different answers. Tantra is too vast to explain in just a few words. It is like an art, a philosophy, a science or a lifestyle itself. Just like yoga is. In Sanskrit it means to weave, to expand the individual self into the Cosmic Self. Tantra is a goal-less practice, journey not destination.

To me, first and foremost, Tantra means connection. Connection with yourself, body and spirit, men and women, sex and consciousness, nature and humans and Life itself. I truly believe that the deepest longing for us as humans is connection. Tantra teaches us how to use all of our senses and energy to open the doors to most pleasurable experiences that are available to us at all times which we would never dare to open because of our limited beliefs, guilt, shame and old stories we tell ourselves about sexuality.

Tantra embraces sexuality as sacred, meaning, a sexual love between human beings is the most integral part to their spiritual or evolutionary growth. It brings balance between the two. Equality, non-duality, union. Once partner is perceived as sacred, as the God or Goddess (I like to call it this way), he or she awakens the heart to Divine Nature, the Bliss of knowing oneself and becoming as Supreme Oneness.

Through Tantra, I discovered a sacred space, where time does not exist, where there is only here and now. This allows a person to be completely present within the experience without acting from the mind but rather witnessing his/her own body and sensations.



For those who are not familiar with Dakini or Tantrika words, I will explain.

“Women with Passion who are profoundly devoted to sacred awakening” Margo Anand.

In Sanskrit, Dakini means a female messenger of wisdom, the intuitive force, a “sky-dancer” who plays in the vastness of open space. Dakini is a woman , who teaches deep mysteries of Tantra, using the power of the feminine. She helps to shatter illusions and brings an individual closer to the truth of who she/he really is. Dakini is associated with energy. Her energy transforms all the negative emotions into the energy of enlightened awareness. Through this energy she can unlock limitless potentials in individual. Dakini can help another to feel at home in the body and in the world. Once you feel safe in your own body, you feel safe wherever you are.

As in modern days, Dakini is a sacred healer, who through her rituals, practices, techniques and processes restores, enlivens, energizes her seekers by honoring their bodies, opening their minds, deepening their heart connection, helping to remember their beautiful erotic nature and sacred sexuality. Dakini is able to dive into her wisdom of teachings through her empowered intuition. It is natural for her to trust her inner wisdom rather than intellect, which brings her into complete surrender to Life itself.

Dakini’s purpose is to assist humanity in waking up from stagnancy and numbness through sexual energy, which is our life force to all that is – creativity, purpose, inspiration, vitality, healing, fulfillment, worthiness, peace, joy…