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We are plentiful and sacred within ourselves!

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I am here to help you find the gate to Love and open your heart to truth – what a powerful, radiant, passionate, erotic human being you are – truth, which can…


I am Lina
I am Lina

Hi, I am Lina

I believe that return to Love is the only way to grow and move forward. My mission is to provide a safe and powerful space for you to discover the answers you need in order to move forward on your personal journey with purpose and clarity. I am here to share all my learnings with you and show you how to up level your personal, love and sex life by transforming fear, shame, guilt, numbness into nourishing and flourishing pleasure, love, light and bliss, where sexuality and spirituality are one.


What is Tantra?
What it can do for you?

Once you experience Tantra, you have your own unique way to answer this question. To me, first and foremost, Tantra means connection. Connection with yourself, body and spirit, women and men, sex and consciousness, nature and humans and life itself. I truly believe that the deepest longing for us, humans, is that deep connection.


What is Tantra


“I can help you with...”

Shame around fully liberating yourself as a sexual being, feeling "dirty" about really expressing your sexuality in a powerful way.

Experience love beyond the ordinary, knowing there's more for you, but don't know how to give yourself permission to express it.

Feel confident in yourself everywhere you go and shine your light instead of hiding.

Unleash your full sexual potential to live fully ecstatic life

Stressed out from life's busyness, from taking care of everyone and everything.

Heal sexual traumas from your past so you can truly enjoy intimacy and deep connections.

Stop faking orgasm and experience ecstatic sex life.

Attract your ideal lover using your sexuality as a powerful force to expand, transform and connect you with your true essence and unlimited pleasure potential.

Bring More Love in Your Life with Tantra Coach

Tantra energy healing is NOT only restricted to couples. Why you are waiting for a partner if you can start the session individually also. I am your reliable Tantra healer in Florida to reinforce your energy, increase your vibration, and bring more Love in your life. Nurture your ability to transfer energy and pleasure with your love-making approach.

Being a Sexual Empowerment Coach in Florida, I will help you advance your personal, love, and sex life with my knowledge and experience. If you want to challenge your limits and look forward to becoming the best version of yourself, book a session with me today.


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