Holistic Life And Sexuality Coaching

What are you tolerating in your life?
What are you accepting?
How do you express your commitment to yourself?
Where in your life do your words align with your actions?
What’s your relationship with yourself?
How do you find your erotic self again?
These and so many more questions you may ask yourself and really have no right and true answers.
We live in an era of both, great danger and promise. But that’s what life is – joyful and dangerous. When we jump over the threshold of danger, we reach a new consciousness of intimacy, deeper understanding and appreciation of the role of sexuality in our lives.
What motivates us is the search for closeness, the urge to engage with another human being. This is a natural quest to find wholeness and completion through another and feel valued for your strength as well as compensated for your weaknesses. Be simply seen.

If this speaks to you, and you need help to connect or reconnect, find a new way to revive your life, sexuality, creativity instead of to survive, I am happy to have you here.